ARI FootSteps Essentials receives Nifty 50 Award

(Feb. 22, 2012) --  "Powersports Business selected 50 products and services that we considered must-see items at this year's Dealer Expo," said McMahon. "These Nifty 50 items, we suspect, will be the most interesting and possibly the most profitable for the coming selling season. We are happy to recognize ARI and FootSteps Essentials as a winner of a Nifty 50 Award."

Recreation Nation partners with REDEX

(Feb. 22, 2012) -- Recreation Nation utilizes Dehco’s buying power and provides dealers an avenue to buy direct. At the top of the list of products to be showcased by REDEX dealers is the RV Supreme Euro Top Mattress by Denver Mattress. Designed specifically for the RV market with emphases on comfort, convenience, and affordability, Denver Mattress gives consumers a solution without shopping outside of the dealership, said Klein.