From the archives: Podcast interview with John and Kathy Huggins

This podcast, which was originally released in January 2015, remains one of the most listened to episodes RV Daily Report has ever produced. It is being re-released as a Campfire Connection episode. It features an interview with John and Kathy Huggins, the founders of Living the RV Dream, who had been full-time RVing since 2005. They founded one of the most dynamic online communities of RV enthusiasts. Source

Hipcamp CEO Alyssa Ravasio outlines a new way to camp on Podcast 238

The guest today is Alyssa Ravasio, the CEO of Hipcamp, a company that connects folks who like to camp with people and businesses with space to accommodate RVs. The site boasts having 300,000 campsites, ranches, vineyards, RV parks and public parks among its mix of host sites. She describes the requirements to be a host and what services need to be provided when it comes to power, restrooms, water, sewer and insurance – and whether they are required at all. Source