Coast exec says aftermarket still offers opportunity

(March 30, 2012) -- Musbach says his company's orders are "running nicely ahead of 2011," reflecting increasing dealer confidence.  RV owners are buying more aftermarket products as they keep their units longer, and dealers can tap into that profit potential by ensuring that their stores give the kind of shopping experience that today's consumers expect.

CAN-SPAM Act applies to social media, too

(March 30, 2012) -- Recently, Facebook successfully sued a marketer for violations of the CAN-SPAM act.  The court noted that the statutory definition of "electronic mail messages" is broad enough to include alternative forms of messages, not just those directed to a traditional email with a local part and a domain part.  The court found that messages directed to Facebook users' "walls," "newsfeeds," and the home pages of the users' friends required some routing activity by Facebook.

Massachusetts initiative threatens RV industry

(March 30, 2012) -- The ballot initiative would prohibit any motor vehicle manufacturer (the definition of ‘motor vehicle’ in Massachusetts includes both motorhomes and RV trailers), starting with model year 2015, from selling a new motor vehicle in Massachusetts without allowing the owner, or the owner’s designated in-state independent repair facility, to obtain diagnostic and repair information electronically on an hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly subscription basis.

GE economist to speak at RV World Conference

(March 30, 2012) -- Marco Annunziata will examine how the increasingly complex global economy impacts business trends and markets during luncheon remarks Jan. 18.  “As an internationally respected economist and business analyst, he will help us gain a deeper understanding of the role global economic conditions have in shaping our business," said Coon.

Go RVing tie-in localizes AWAY campaign

(March 30, 2012) -- In addition to all new creative materials promoting RV ownership at the national level, Go RVing has created new resources for local RV businesses to capitalize on the “AWAY” campaign through the Go RVing Industry Tie-In Program, the RV Industry Association announced today.