Campsmart works to unite industry via social website

(Nov. 30, 2011) -- The site is free to join, free to use and free to enjoy, so that eliminates almost every reason not to participate,” said Lucas. “The basic premise is to incorporate the best parts of social networking, on both a wholesale and retail level, cater to those with a passion for camping, and give everyone an equal opportunity to showcase their brand.”

Airstream unveils Sterling concept trailer

(Nov. 30, 2011) -- The Sterling Concept trailer features bright yellow woven vinyl flooring that has a soft, luxurious feel complemented by the white ultra-leather upholstery and classic midcentury Merimekko fabric used throughout the unit. All countertops and rooflockers are edged with pure aluminum extrusions which harmonize with the aluminum interior skin and premium fixtures in the galley and lavatory.

AL-KO Kober brings Advance Design axles to market

(Nov. 30, 2011) -- “While other suppliers continue to make the same products, AL-KO works to make products that are smarter, stronger and more durable,” Nave said. “Our commitment is to deliver innovative, quality domestic products to our customers. We aren’t content to just do things a certain way because that’s how it’s always been."

Spartan unveils two concept chassis

(Nov. 30, 2011) -- "There are several key factors that are driving change in both the Class A and Class C recreational vehicle markets," said Snitgen. "A trend has emerged towards downsizing by both first-time and repeat buyers. Spartan Chassis has created two chassis concepts that we are confident will define the future design direction of the marketplace."

RVIA kicks off 49th National RV Trade Show

(Nov. 30, 2011) -- In a presentation titled “What’s Up!” Coon told attendees that the industry is poised for long-term growth despite recent economic challenges. “RV ownership is at its highest peak ever, and future purchase intentions are strong,” he said. “This illustrates the continued demand and enduring appeal of RV ownership.”

RV Trader powers "real time" inventory on Keystone website

(Nov. 30, 2011) -- This new search tool will allow a dealer to upload inventory, product photos and prices only once, then sync the inventory to both and RV It will enable the consumer to quickly and easily locate the exact Keystone model they want, resulting in faster turn-around times for the online consumer and increased sales for the Keystone dealer.