Podcast 232 explores Jellystone Park franchise opportunity

Today’s guest is is Jim Westover, the vice president of product development and sales for Jellystone Parks. Jellystone is hosting a one-day seminar in Phoenix April 27 for prospective campground owners. Jim explains the purpose of the meeting and what types of topics will be discussed, and describes some of the networking opportunities that will be offered for people to connect with company officials and Jellystone Park owners. Source

Roaming Free: Port Aransas and Rockport

We traveled up to Rockport one Friday afternoon to see if Tom could find his “Oysters Rockefeller” at the Oysterfest, but that didn’t work out . . . the festival didn’t open until the evening, and from talking to some people he found out that it’s more of a carnival – with more “fair food” than oysters. Source

5 best parks in California for wheelchairs

For anyone looking to spend a day outside, there is nothing more frustrating than driving an hour or three out to a large park, only to find that it’s missing some feature you were counting on — parking, restrooms, picnic tables or a fire pit, for example. For people who use wheelchairs or have other mobility impairments, it’s especially important to have clear and specific information about the park you’re visiting. Source