RV manufacturers questions web price accuracy

(Jan. 31, 2012) -- The 1-year-old SeeDealerCost.com website is now listing what it claims are invoice prices and suggested manufacturer retail prices for several Dutchmen, Keystone, and Heartland brands -- along with a few Jayco, Forest River, CrossRoads, and Coachmen brands. Heartland’s Brady said if a dealer was the source of pricing information, he or she may have violated the company’s dealer agreement.

RVIA seeks to reform Lacey Act

(Jan. 31, 2012) --  “The Lacey Act was meant to give federal agencies the power to go after criminal enterprises that were knowingly trading in illegally sourced plant and plant products, but by making the scope of laws and products covered by Lacey so vast, Congress made it virtually impossible for law-abiding companies to comply – thereby creating unknowing and unintended ‘criminals’ out of honest, law-abiding business owners and consumers,” said Wald.

RVIA helps get media coverage for local shows

(Jan. 31, 2012) -- The RV Industry Association's recent local RV retail show publicity efforts have resulted in show information and RV lifestyle stories being published in multiple media outlets this year. "Coverage has been positive with the focus placed on innovative products as well as the large crowds and strong sales being reported at the shows," said Bill Baker.

EK2 introduces wireless tire monitoring system

(Jan. 31, 2012) -- EK2 TPMS wireless tire pressure monitoring systems are based on the latest wireless sensor technology. Newly designed, flow through sensor technology (EK215G) allows users to add or remove air from tires without removing sensors. This new, low maintenance designs saves time and money for RVers, said Holmes.

Personal consumer spending weaker in December

(Jan. 31, 2012) --"Although this quarterly increase was weaker than expected, it still managed to represent a modest improvement relative to the third-quarter 2011 consumer spending increase of 1.7 percent," said Ferley. "However, we assume that strengthening labor markets at the end of 2011 will start to provide a modest boost to consumer spending in the current quarter with the pace of growth strengthening slightly to 2.5 percent."