Canadian retail sales rise

(Jan. 24, 2012) -- "The back-to-back 0.5 percent gains in the volume of retail sales in November and October augur well for consumer spending to rise a solid 3.2 percent, at an annual rate," said Ferley. "It compares to the modest 1.2 percent rise in the previous quarter."

Blue Ox introduces the TailGator

(Jan. 24, 2012) -- The TailGator provides the needed protection to safely load and unload ATV’s, golf carts, and oversized objects into a truck bed. It was built to prevent damage and add support for the tailgate cables from undue stress. It pins directly into any standard 2-inch receiver, completely omitting the additional strain on the tailgate.

GSA auctions off park models for $25

(Jan. 24, 2012) -- Today, there are dozens of park models on the GSA auction site, most with starting bid prices of $25. Unlike the RVs associated with Hurricane Katrina that were plaqued by claims of high formaldehyde, these units are built to different federal specifications and were originally purchased at prices sometimes exceeding $40,000 each, said Bankston.