Cancer surviving RVer praises proton therapy

(Sept. 2, 2013) -- "I'm in a commercial and a longer video about proton therapy and its ability to cure prostate cancer," said Webster. "I'm a cancer survivor and trying to help men learn about proton therapy because it is so much better for most men than the alternatives. This cancer has virtually the same demographic as does the RV industry in that it impacts men over age 50."

Create your marketing plan in advance

(Sept. 2, 2013) -- With the more laid-back “dog days of summer” almost over, it’s time to take your toes out of the sand and put your marketing hat back on. This is a perfect time to think about the upcoming months and create a marketing plan to get you to the holidays. Here are a few basics that need to be considered.

U.S. workers haven’t shaken job worries

(Sept. 2, 2013) -- Heightened fear among U.S. workers about their employment security, pay, and benefits stubbornly persists. Potentially more importantly, it could be a factor keeping a damper on consumer spending, if workers feel less confident about their primary source of income. If so, this could be an important barometer of a cycle in which worker uncertainty leads to sluggish consumer spending, which in turn leads to tepid job growth, Gallup noted.