President Obama proclaims June Great Outdoors Month

(June 3, 2013) -- The United States is blessed with a wealth of natural diversity that remains at the heart of who we are as a people. From breathtaking seascapes to the limitless stretch of the Great Plains, our natural surroundings animate the American spirit, fuel discovery and innovation, and offer unparalleled opportunities for recreation and learning.

GE becomes Platinum sponsor of RVDA expo

(June 3, 2013) -- “The support of GE Capital and our other partners allows RVDA and the RV Learning Center to meet dealers’ continuing education needs at this important event,” said McCluskey. “GE has continued to stand behind its dealer business partners over the long haul and we are grateful for that unwavering support.”

Starcraft celebrates 50th anniversary

(June 3, 2013) -- The company has also added a 50th anniversary decal to all 2014 units as well as a 50th anniversary promotional package featuring various items special for the 50th year. Other 50th year celebrations include the launch of a new website for the company, a gift bag for every customer who purchases a new, previously untitled model year 2014 unit and an event for dealers during the fall open house.

Scentsy makes sense

(June 3, 2013) -- When the winds shift and campfire smoke blows into the RV, or something burns in the oven, a pet has an accident or the kids bring soggy tennis shoes inside, what can be done to rid the RV of those odors? Consider a company called Scentsy.