Business operations: Customers want it now

(Nov. 16, 2011) -- Customers that may consider themselves loyal to you will buy from other sources if they get a better response. Often those purchases start out small: an O-ring or a handle. But, beware, those smaller purchase can turn into a habit and a lost customer. If you're going to win the fight you need the right tools. You need systems, processes and know-how to stay ahead of customers' demand and to keep them loyal.

Who is monitoring the RV industry’s image? – Part 3

(Nov. 16, 2011) -- "People may be tempted to ask, 'What did the PR program ever accomplish anyway?'" said Gilanelli. "Well, what if USA Today did an expose on the RV industry on why gas guzzlers pollute, or on why 80-year-olds are driving 45-foot motorhomes -- the size of tractor trailers -- without a special license, or on why RVs breakdown all the time and it can take months to get parts. If they ever did, there isn't enough Go RVing money to stem the tide of negative publicity."