New product sheds light on RVs

(April 19, 2012) -- "By operating running lights without drawing from a vehicle battery, the Trailer Beacon Light provides RV owners with peace of mind while among the trees or on the dunes," said Kirk. "Trailer Beacon Light installs in seconds and does not require the purchase of any additional parts or accessories."

L.L.Bean Bootmobile heads off for spring/summer tour

(April 19, 2012) -- To help raise awareness about the Million Moment Mission campaign and the benefits of being outdoors, the L.L.Bean Bootmobile will be traveling the country in 2012. The 13-foot high and 20-foot long vehicle left Boston this week on a Spring/Summer tour designed to raise awareness and funds to help more children learn about and enjoy the national parks.

KOA giveaway nears 100,000 entries

(April 19, 2012) -- “Last summer, we ran a similar contest and gave away a Keystone Springdale RV,” said Gast. “We had about 100,000 entries by the end of September. This year, we have nearly matched that total, and we’ve only been going for less than two months!”