RV Education 101 produces destination video

(March 12, 2012) -- “Video does a much better job communicating the features and amenities a campground has to offer, over posting pictures on a website," said Polk. "Potential visitors can view the RV destination video prior to their scheduled trip, and if they like what they see they will make a point to stay at the campground."

Questions remain on tax imposed on rented RVs

(March 12, 2012) -- "We have been doing business in Maine for quite a few years. About four months ago, the State of Maine told us we have to pay a 5 percent sales and use tax on any trailer or RV rental that enters the state. The tax is computed on the total value of the RV, not the cost of the rental," Shepard explained.

Kinek gets packages to RVers on the move

(March 12, 2012) -- Kinek allows customers to have packages shipped from any website, retail outlet or individual in the world to a KinekPoint of their choice. Kinek integrates with all retailer logistics services to ensure secure delivery to the recipient’s requested KinekPoint, where the package is held until it’s ready for pickup.