KZ dealers report upswing following winter RV shows

(March 22, 2012) -- “Maybe 30 percent of our customers were new buyers, which is a very nice number,” Gajewski said. “These shows definitely show us getting a good chunk of new customers.” “There was an increase in purchases by people who are all new to RVing, but ironically we also had more trade-ins than before,” said Petrie. “These are people who used to be into RVing and are now coming back in, which is the opposite of the last two years."

What culture does your company convey?

(March 22, 2012) -- Companies with clearly defined cultures are typically better places to work giving them a powerful edge over competitors because they draw and retain top talent. Corporate culture is a powerful tool in a company’s long-term success. Here are some key ways to help boost yours.

Acadia, Smokies stricken by bat-killing epidemic

(March 21, 2012) -- The National Park Service announced yesterday that white-nose syndrome, an emergent infectious disease that has killed nearly seven million bats in North America, has been confirmed in two of its most popular units: Acadia National Park in Maine and Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina.