Court of Appeals dismisses tort claim against U.S. over FEMA units

(Jan. 25, 2012) -- Plaintiffs from Alabama and Mississippi filed a Federal Tort Claims Act against the United States for injuries allegedly related to their formaldehyde exposure in Emergency Housing Units (EHU) provided by FEMA after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The district court dismissed their claim for lack of subject matter jurisdiction, and the United States Court of Appeals has affirmed that decision, reports

CalARVC to host Tourism Legislative Day

(Jan. 25, 2012) -- CalARVC will once again be partnering with other sectors of the tourism industry to create awareness of the enormous impact tourism has in California. Campground owners are invited to Sacramento Feb. 22 for a Tourism Legislative Day event that begins with lunch with CalARVC’s lobbyists.

L.A. hiking trails for dogs

(Jan. 25, 2012) -- If you're thinking about hiking in a national, county or city park around L.A., dogs are probably welcome. But if it's a California state park, they're probably not. The Huffington Post lists five great hiking trails to explore with your canine companion.