Lazydays hosted competitive rally in Daytona

(Nov. 5, 2012) -- "Traditionally, we have taken part in Good Sam events in the past," said Lay. "This year, their rally was in our trading area and we would have expected to take part in the rally as we have in the past. After reading some stories, it became clear that their intent was to take the event private and exclude other dealers. We thought it would be in the best interest of our own customers to conduct our own rally so we could be there to support them."

Judge dismisses suit against Texas Advertising

(Nov. 5, 2012) -- The suit accused Texas Advertising of "unlawful interference with Southeast's advantageous and contractual business relationships and misappropriation of Southeast's trade secrets," according to court documents obtained by RV Daily Report. The suit sought injuctive relieve as well as at least $75,000 plus attorney's fees and court costs from Texas Advertising as a company and from Brian Schaeffer, president of Texas Advertising, as an individual.