OPINION: Following a different alignment

(Aug. 18, 2018) -- A multitude of Christians are content to simply follow the crowd – going to church on Sunday, joining the men’s group, working on church committees, etc. All are fine and good. But, in the end, does it draw them any closer to God or God's purpose for their life? Is it possible that God may call someone to follow a different path than that being traveled by most other Christians, even if it is only for a little while? I believe so.

Podcast 196 explores Supplier and Vendor Exhibition

(Aug. 16, 2018) -- he guest this week is Randall Jeremiah, founder of the Supplier and Vendor Exhibition that will be held in conjunction with the open house event. Dozens of industry suppliers will exhibit their products under a big tent on three acres of property near the RV/MH Hall of Fame. He explains his vision for the expo and what companies can do to participate in this year’s big tent event.

Brian Schell explains RecVex in Podcast 195

(Aug. 9, 2018) -- This week’s guest is Brian Schell, the operations manager of the Recreation Vehicle Exchange. RecVex is a website that allows lenders and RV dealers to list inventory that is bid upon only by representatives of certified businesses. It is more than an online auction, because RVs are available for sale 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. But, it is better than eBay in that the only bidders are professionals involved in the RV industry.

Opinion: Should you be tithing your time, too?

(Aug. 4, 2018) -- There is a commodity that is far more valuable than money, and that is time. It can never be saved or replaced, but it can be wasted, lost, spent or invested. We all have exactly 525,600 minutes available to us every year. Could you invest 144 minutes a day – or just under 17 hours a week – in pursuit of things that matter to God?

Big Idea Guru Michael Hudson featured on Podcast 194

(Aug. 2, 2018) -- This week’s guest is Michael Hudson, affectionately known as the Big Idea Guru, and the voice behind the Get Your Message Heard podcast. He is going to talk about what types of stories businesses need to share, and why. He’s also going to describe how businesses can share their stories in a way that doesn’t sell people, but builds their interest in buying and using a recreation vehicle. Listeners can get a free 15-minute message makeover.

Is sin truly evil or just wrong?

(July 28, 2018) -- I think every single person struggles with some undesirable habit they can’t seem to let go. It could be any one of what are called the seven deadly sins. People who view their sin as simply wrong, experience earthly sorrow concerning the consequences and their reputation. People who view their sin as being truly evil take a different approach. They see the problem through God’s eyes and experience godly sorrow. They see how their sin impacts others.

Podcast 193 features Nexus RV’s Claude Donati

(July 26, 2018) -- This week's guest is Claude Donati, the founder of Nexus RV in Elkhart. He was one of the first guests on the podcast when it started in 2014 and there have been lots of changes with the company since then. Nexus used to build RVs and sell them directly to consumers, but last year the firm converted to a dealership model by partnering with dozens of RV dealers around the country. Donati explains what makes Nexus RV so unique on the market, and he describes how camping simulators to test each RV as though it was being used in a campground before it even leaves their facility. He explains who the company’s target market is for the motorhomes and announces plans to introduce a new model in September .

Podcast 192 features Rich Schnippel with inTech RV

(July 19, 2018) -- inTech started building travel trailers in 2010, just as the nation was emerging from the Great Recession. Since then, the company has attracted a lot of attention. The firm was highlighted as one of the Best in Show travel trailers from last year's National RV Trade Show and was listed as the runner up in the 2017 Best New RV of the Year Award. inTech added some other attention-getting features that are raising eyebrows whenever people see them.

Rest: It’s not about vacation, it’s a command

(July 14, 2018) -- Studies show that time off – completely away from work – actually works to boost productivity. The rest re-energizes people, refreshes their spirits, fills them with joy, reduces stress and improves attitudes, which does wonders for improving relationships. For many Americans, we consider the Sabbath to be a holy day of obligation involving church services, Sunday school classes and volunteering to help with various ministries. But, Jesus wants us to rest and relax.