Nine NPS-owned equines die of dehydration

(June 14, 2012) -- writes that an apparent malfunction in the watering system that served a small herd of pack mules and stock horses, owned by the National Park Service, in the Pixley National Wildlife Refuge left two horses and seven mules dead due to dehydration and related kidney problems.

Lippert’s RV Lock helps OEMs increase security, style

(June 14, 2012) -- "This sleek new battery-operated system consolidates the remote features into the door handle," said CEO Jason Lippert. "The RV Lock reduces parts that are currently used in assembly of other remote systems and also eliminates the need for hard wiring to the vehicle's electrical system. The easy installation, enhanced security, and contemporary styling of the RV Lock will allow us to continue to supply RV entry doors with the most advanced locking systems currently available."

Employers warned about using criminal history

(June 14, 2012) -- "In summary, the EEOC has emphasized that the use of criminal history may have a disparate impact on certain individuals falling within a protected class," said Richter. "As such, an employer using criminal history should be prepared to demonstrate the relation to the position and business necessity defense for those adverse employment decisions involving the use of criminal history."

Gosher’s introduces aftermarket blind spot system

(June 14, 2012) -- This is not a camera or mirror system. It is the first commercially available aftermarket unit which utilizes radar type sensors which would be installed on the rear bumper cover of a vehicle. The location would be adjusted depending on the length of the vehicle. Longer trucks/RVs would require installation on the sides. Two LED indicators are included and install on the inside of the vehicle. When a vehicle is in the blind spot, the corresponding LED will light up.